Kan Ren (任侃)


Kan Ren, Senior Researcher
Microsoft Research Asia

Office: 43rd Floor, International AI Tower,
No.701 Yunjin Rd., Xuhui District,
Shanghai, China

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  • I'm now looking for prospective student interns (preferably more than 3 months) to work together on sequence data modeling with applications in healthcare and finance, and (sequential) decision making optimization with cutting-edge machine learning technologies. Please drop me an email with your resume if you are interested.

  • Our book "Recommender System: Frontiers and Practices" has been published in JD! Please read our intro.

Recent News
  • 2023.9 - Two papers about irregular time-series modeling and EEG model pretraining have been accepted in NeurIPS 2023.

  • 2023.8 - Our work about AIGC through brain-computer interface (BCI) has been online. Please checkout this.

  • 2023.7 - Checkout the latest Chinese article about our research of RL for Finance and Qlib toolkit! (WeChat, MSRA News)

  • 2023.5 - Our work about AI for healthcare on neonatal seizure detection has been accepted in SMC 2023.

  • 2023.5 - Our work about reinforcement learning for finance has been accepted in KDD 2023.

  • 2023.4 - Our work MLCopilot about LLMs for machine learning tasks has been online.

  • 2023.4 - One paper about brain-inspired neural network has been accepted in ICML 2023.

  • 2023.3 - The website of our SeqML research (machine intelligence on sequence data) has been online.

  • 2023.1 - One paper about enseble learning for pretrained models has been accepted in ICLR 2023.

  • 2022.11 - Two papers about spatial-temporal data mining and efficient ensemble learning have been accepted in AAAI 2023.

  • 2022.9 - Two papers about AutoRL and Transformer in offline RL have been accepted in NeurIPS 2022.

  • 2022.4 - One paper about policy ensemble in reinforcement learning has been accepted in IJCAI 2022.

  • 2021.8 - Two papers about sequential user modeling and sequence data generation have been accepted in CIKM 2021 and ICDM 2021.

  • 2021.2 - The latest English article about our AAAI 2021 paper! (MSR Blog)

  • 2021.1 - The latest Chinese article about our quantitative finance research! (WeChat, MSRA news)

  • 2020.12 - One paper about quantitative finance has been accepted in AAAI 2021.

  • 2018.12 - Our paper “Deep Recurrent Survival Analysis” has been selected as an oral presentation on Jan. 27.


  • Data mining: sequence data mining and time-series data modeling.

  • Machine learning: meta-learning, AutoML and ensemble learning.

  • Reinforcement learning and its real-world applications.





  • Modeling and Decision Optimization in Real-time Bidding Advertising (Chinese) (PDF)



Academic Service

  • PC member: ICML, NeurIPS, AAAI, SIGIR, etc.

  • Journal Reviewer: JMLR, TKDE, NeuralComputing, etc.